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Sleep Part 2

Sleeping lately hasn't really gone to plan, the older Daisy has got the worse the sleeping has become. If she's not near mummy or daddy then she won't sleep, my baby likes a snuggle and who am I to deny... Continue Reading →

8 months old. 

Daisy may be small but she will definitely voice her opinion if she doesn't like something or it's not going her own way. Daisy getting to that 8 month old stage has been the most challenging, she likes to do... Continue Reading →

Knowing about Asperger syndrome and living in a house with it. 

In a perfect world everybody would be normal but we are not so why do people judge us? Sometimes if you are out shopping or in a restaurant you'll see a child or even an adult shout out, have a... Continue Reading →

7 months old. 

Let's just say this month has been Daisy's most adventurous month. She went from shuffling along the floor to crawling in one night, I was not prepared for it to happen so quickly. She's such a monkey now a days... Continue Reading →

What we did on storm day. 

While Doris was a bit stressed out me and Daisy had some fun in the house. There was no way we were stepping outside it would of blown us away. I got on the ole Pinterest to see what mischief... Continue Reading →

My New Venture

I've started a new adventure making chocolate but not just your ordinary blocks of chocolate my chocolate shards are something you've never seen before.  The business is called shards because why not you might as well keep it simple and... Continue Reading →

Six Months Old

I think this month with Daisy has definitely been the most exciting so far. She's on the move (well backwards) but it still counts right. She's got so much personality and and cheeekiness, and you just can't help but laugh... Continue Reading →

Gallstones – Avoid at all costs

The hellish pain started when I was in my second trimester with Daisy and after losing our first baby the worst thoughts were going through my head, I had no idea what it was. We were in the cinema at... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye to breastfeeding. 

Daisy is six months old now and in the full swing of weaning and eating everything she can get a hold of but the one thing that she stop wanting was the boob. When she was about five and a... Continue Reading →

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