Now that Daisy is nearly four months she is getting mega hungry, she stares at everyone that’s eating with those big blue eyes trying to get you to give her that plate of “vegetables” (chocolate cake).

She has been exclusively breast-fed since birth but lately because she has been getting hungrier we started to give her some formula in the day to fill her tummy. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience and I love it still to this day, it has made me bond with my daughter knowing I comfort her with my milk. I have had it pretty easy with breastfeeding there has been no complications, she latched on straight away, I’ve never had a sore or cracked nipple so my time has been great and I am so thankful for that because I know how hard it is for some women and I take my hat off to them for still powering through it and I would never ever judge women who can’t do it or go straight to the formula because it just isn’t for everyone.


The toughest time I had been when Daisy was about a month old and we went shopping with family and she wanted my boob every 5 minutes, the first stop was at Argos and I had to sit on their garden furniture to feed her and in the process of doing that some woman gave me evil looks like I was lying on a sun lounger naked, from then on in every shop Daisy decided she was hungry so I attached her to my boob as I was walking around and browsing through the aisles as she drained every last drop from me, I was a pro by now though walking and shopping and feeding who said multi tasking doesn’t exist. Before we tried the formula I tried expressing now that is hard with a manual pump (note to self buy an electric breast pump with the next baby), every time I expressed my boobs would give me an ounce and nothing more it just wasn’t worth the hassle.

Now combination feeding is wonderful because I still get that one and one time with Daisy but if me and her dad want to go on date night then she can have formula or in the day time to fill her up a bit more while we are shopping. We have a perfect prep machine so that makes life a 100% easier. The first formula we tried her on was Aptamil now it has got really good reviews but it gave Daisy so much wind and her poo’s stunk so once that was gone we decided to try something else so we went for SMA it’s cheaper and she enjoys it a lot more, she doesn’t get as much wind so it’s win for everyone.

I just want to let all the women out there that no matter if she breastfeed or bottle feed you are still a mum and you’re doing a wonderful job looking after that baby, don’t let anyone criticise or judge what you are doing.

Daisy is about a week old in the picture, I am absolutely shattered, it’s taken in the early hours of the morning but I am still smiling because I have my baby girl.