When you get to your second trimester in pregnancy the one thing everyone tells you to do is pack the hospital bag, make sure it’s near the door so you can grab it on your way out they say. I held off as long as I could packing the bag well suitcase and a bag and now I know why. 

When you look online what to take there’s a list for mum and a list for baby hence why I had a bag and a suitcase oh and let’s not forget the digital camera that didn’t get touched the whole time we was there. 

I followed the lists got everything it told you to take for mum and baby and I can tell you now I used about six of the things I took if I had stayed in over a couple of nights then I probably would of used a bit more of the essentials but if your planning on going home the same day don’t bother taking bags full of things because you really won’t use them. So here is my list of things I actually used. 

My essentials 

  1. Towel 
  2. Maternity pads 
  3. Big Bridget jones knickers 
  4. Nursing bra 
  5. Deodorant for on your way out 
  6. Leggings for my way home 
  7. Shorts or pjs to wear ( I had a water birth so needed something for afterwards) 

Daisy’s essentials 

  1. Nappies 
  2. Cotton wool 
  3. Baby grow 
  4. Vest
  5. Cardigan 
  6. Boob 
  7. Hat 

Literally these were the only things we used, people take going home outfits and food and make-up and like I said if you’ve had a c-section and have to stay in the hospital for a week the pack everything but if you plan to have a easy birth and go home the same day take what you need in a small bag save yourself the hassle.