After 14 months of not having a period it’s back, when you have a baby you never know when it’s going to happen it’s like Arnie calling you up and saying “I’ll be back” but I’m not going to tell you when, it’s the surprise that you just don’t want in life. 

You would think after going through child birth Mother Nature would let you off for life. Periods have always been an awful thing for me, the pains, emotions, chocolate cravings it is a physically draining experience that happens monthly that men just don’t seem to understand. 

Now it was exhausting going through with them before I had Daisy but now I feel like I haven’t slept in six years, the sore boobness is doubled because I’m still breastfeeding, she finds it hilarious to stay awake longer then normal little does she know she will be going through the whole thing herself one day. As I’m sat in bed writing this with my Barney the dinosaur hot water bottle (don’t judge). I think to myself why do we have to go through all of this pain and misery, the moaning because we haven’t put a pair of boxers in the wash, but then I realise it’s because we are the stronger sex we get through it, we gather all the energy we have and we make do, we push babies out of bagel sized holes for goodness sake i’m pretty sure I can deal with a bit of pain every month if it all results in beautiful babies. 

Last but not least I would like to thank my gall stones from stopping me eating all the junk food I want and drinking all the juice and fizzy pop that my brain in telling me to have right now.