This week Daisy had her 16 week injections, now this is her third set of vaccinations since she’s been born. Every time she has had them it has broken my heart, she only ever cries when she’s hungry and that’s not a proper one so when she cries in pain I just want to cuddle her and never let her go. 

Every time she’s had these injections and oral liquid she’s been poorly the next day, she doesn’t sleep properly, you can tell she has some kind of pain, she has a fever and there is literally nothing I can do except cuddle her and give her calpol. When my baby is so unsettled it makes me think am I doing the right thing by putting her through this in the first four months of her life out of the womb, sticking dead viruses into her to help build a defence for them in the future. I understand the meningitis b injection because it is still very dangerous, but all of the other ones we haven’t seen in many years so why do we load our children with these things. 

The thing I don’t understand as well is why have so many at once, Daisy had three injections at once this week, one of these injections had five viruses in and you wonder why they get ill,  She’s getting overloaded with rubbish. I know most mums and dads will say it’s the best thing for them it has to be done but it makes me think do I want to put another child through the same thing is it actually the best thing for them or is it pointless. I think there should be a lot more information on vaccinations not just a list of them in the red book.