Let’s just say when you get pregnant and people find out the first thing they say is your life will change forever, It will be so different, you won’t remember your life before. 

I remember everything from before and I know life is 100% better with Daisy in it. Me and her dad still have our date nights and we are still able to binge out in front of the tv with junk food so nothing in that respect has changed. 

Now life with Daisy is wonderful, she’s already got her own little personality and she’s going to be even more of a minx when she’s older. But here are the things that are different. 

  •  I use to love a good lie in but they don’t exist anymore (except for her dad) I have to make do with 8 o clock wake ups and play time in bed. 
  • Public transport is even more of a nightmare, people are so rude and have no respect for people with prams. (The amount of times I could of killed someone) 
  • When you go shopping you have to stop every hour or so to feed and change, you have manoover the pram around the aisles and shops occasionally knocking something over but hey that’s not my fault make your shop bigger. 
  • Eating on time never happens because as soon as you get your meal baby wants a feed, I have mastered the one handed eating technique with my left hand as well, she may get an occasional crumb on her head but it won’t halm her. 
  • Household chores become a weekly thing because you can’t do the washing up one handed or prepare a meal, if dad is at work then it all has to wait to the weekend, even if you manage to put baby down while CBeebies is on the tv you have 5 minutes before they want picking up again so you can probably manage to put some washing in the machine or go and eat a bar of chocolate(don’t judge me). 
  • Your bed is no longer yours and your husbands sacred space, at 6 o clock every morning Daisy comes and joins us for cuddles, believe me I’ve tried putting her back in her own bed and she just laughs at me, she knows exactly what I’m doing and doesn’t fall for it. 
  • If they decide to have a nap during the day this will be a cat nap and it will be in the most uncomfortable position for you but if you move they will wake up, so make sure you have something decent on the tv. 
  • Bath time, is no longer just mummy time, Daisy only likes the big bath with mummy and if I do get one on my own it will last approximately 10 minutes because daddy hasn’t got milk coming from his nipples so this isn’t good enough for Daisy. 
  • But last of all enjoy them, take in the smiles and the love that they feel for you because when they are 16 it will probably be a lot different and you won’t feel the love when you tell them you can’t go to that party with that boy.