I don’t get a lot of chance to bake lately and it’s something I really enjoy. Do I thought I’d share what I did the other day. 

First it was banana loaf. Now let’s just say when it comes to baking I do not like to follow recipes and I normally just chuck it in. Now I followed a recipe this time and let’s just say I read it wrong. 

I thought it said 11 1/2 cups of flour I said to myself this isn’t right so I put about five in instead. I then completed both loads took longer to cook them both and they came out stodgy as anything. 

I went back to look at the recipe it actually said 1 1/2 cups of flour there was just no space in between the ones. 

Normally I’m quite good at baking. But this was definitely my baking failure, and I’m definitely going blame having a baby for my mushy brain.