I haven’t had a full nights sleep in over five months and I know what your thinking you get told that babies don’t sleep if you wanted sleep why did you have a baby. Well through the night is absoloutly fine, Daisy just wakes for her feeds and then goes back to sleep and so on through the night it’s getting her to sleep that’s the problem. 

This girl fights sleep like no one I have ever seen before, she does everything to keep herself awake. As soon as she starts feeling herself get comfortable or drifting off the crying starts, the wriggling begins and that’s were it all begins. 

The things I do to get her to sleep make me look like I’m crazy, rocking back and forth, singing you are my sunshine at the top of my voice I only know the first verse and it’s driving me up the wall. Thankfully all of this is normal and hopefully she will grow out of it. 

I just want people to know that it’s not just you and your baby it most of us. So when someone tells you how well there baby sleeps don’t pounce on them because most of the time there probably not telling the truth. 

Stay strong mums and dads we will go crazy together.