This was meant to be published before Christmas but life got in the way. 
After being home alone with Daisy since Monday daddy is back. You don’t realise how much you actually miss the snoring and the quilt stealing and the sarcastic comments until they are gone. 

I must say sharing the bed with Daisy was a lot better then sharing it with him, Even though I have Daisy all through the day and all through the night it feels different when he’s not here, I have to take Daisy to the toilet, the shower everywhere I go she has to go, don’t think she appreciates it. Even the simple things of him making a drink for me or grabbing me a snack it makes a hell of a difference. 

When he’s away we seem to lose the ability to find conversation and things to talk about, we both dislike the phone so I don’t think that helps and if we FaceTime Daisy is not one bit bothered. But I do know that we both love him and do not like him leaving the house for more than a couple of hours.