We all know how I like to throw ingredients together to make tasty treats. Yesterday I took ten minutes to put this together. 

I did cheat a little but using shop bought puff pastry so you can tell me off of you like but who doesn’t cheat. 

I peeled some apples, decored them, chopped them up, threw them in a bowl, threw some flour and sugar in there. Stirred it all up and left it for an hour for the juices to leave the apples. I didn’t have any cinnamon so that didn’t go in. 

I prepared the pastry cut little lines in it, added the apple and then whacked in some sultanas and then folded it all up to make it pretty. I spooned some egg wash on top because I don’t have one of them brushes and then poured some sugar on. 

Put it in the oven for about 40 minutes at about 150 and then boom you get a nice apple strudel.