These are my top tips for the mums out there that need a bit of me time. These are the things I enjoy doing when I get a chance and why the hell not. We grew and gave birth to a human. 

1. Take time to have a bath. This is my absolute must when you’ve had a busy day and just need some down time. Most of the time you only get about 15 minutes to yourself but utilise it, grab a nice bath bomb put a face mask on and sit there and enjoy it. Don’t worry about those hairy legs you can deal with them another day. 

2. Take a breath and stop stressing over the washing up. If your anything like me then washing up is the bane of your life, it just seems to pile up so quickly but seriously it’s not a big deal you have more important things to deal with. 

3. Eat as much cake and chocolate as you want.  Seriously if you can’t enjoy yourself and eat what you like then what’s the point. If you think eating some kale and a carrot stick makes you happy and that your going to lose that tummy 2 weeks after giving birth you’ve got another thing coming you’ve just grown something inside of you for 10 months your probably going to have it for life so if you want cake eat it. 

4. Demand a lie in. You are going to be physically and mentally exaughsted so one lie in every so often is not going to hurt. Whether it’s your other half or someone close to you get them to watch your baby for an extra hour while you catch up on some essential zzzzzs. 

5. Look after yourself.  The main thing is that you look after yourself, this is absolutely essential because if you can’t look after yourself there’s no way you will be able to look after your child/ children. Get your rest, pamper yourself and do not stress over pathetic things.