The hellish pain started when I was in my second trimester with Daisy and after losing our first baby the worst thoughts were going through my head, I had no idea what it was. We were in the cinema at the time and I suddenly got this pain that went from under my ribs all the way back to under my shoulder bone, it was so uncomfortable I thought it was pregnancy related at first and I was just irritable but I suddenly felt really nauseous and had to get home. I stupidly told Robin to stay and watch the film while I got a taxi back home.

As soon as I got home I threw up and the pain was uncontrollable, I rang my mum because Robin had his phone off because he’s old fashioned and won’t have it on in the cinema. We rang an ambulance and waited for an hour for it so that really didn’t give me much hope.

We waited around hours to see a DR and to have some blood tests done for them to tell me I had severe acid re-flux and to go home and get some gaviscon. We went home for me to be in so much pain and the gaviscon making me throw up even more. I had to get an emergency appointment with the GP and he recognised the symptoms straight away and said it sounds like gall stones and they are infected that’s why I am in so much pain, antibiotics were given and two weeks recovery time. I had to go for a scan to confirm the stones but nothing can be done.

One year on and they still annoy the hell out of me, you pretty much can’t enjoy a nice meal without pain and sickness. The results of my first scan got lost so I had to go have another one and the gallbladder had got worse they couldn’t even find it it’s that packed out with stones. So now i’m on a waiting list for surgery and is probably going to take another year with the way the NHS is at the minute. Just to factor in there you can get gallstones no matter what age or size you are it’s not always bad foods that contribute it can be hormonal too.

If you think you have this problem go to the drs straight away it’s definitely not worth the pain.