Daisy is six months old now and in the full swing of weaning and eating everything she can get a hold of but the one thing that she stop wanting was the boob. When she was about five and a half months she just stopped wanting it, it wasn’t satisfying her enough, she was hungry all the time wanting more milk and more food.

This is something that I have just had to deal with she was such a great feeder right from the start she barley lost any birth weight and then put more on straight away in the first week so shes always been a guzzle guts so I should be really happy about that. The formula is obviously more satisfying for her growing body and on the plus side she sleeps through most nights now (fingers crossed she stays that way). I miss holding her in my arms and her falling asleep on me, she wants to be miss independent now and constantly being on  the move.

My little girl is growing up so fast and it needs to stop because I can’t handle it, she needs to stay a baby forever.

When we have more babies I hope they as good as eaters as Daisy because it will make my life so much easier, whether it’s boob or bottle as long as there healthy and happy that is all that matters.