Let’s just say this month has been Daisy’s most adventurous month. She went from shuffling along the floor to crawling in one night, I was not prepared for it to happen so quickly. She’s such a monkey now a days and she knows it, everything she knows she can’t have or do she does it anyway and gives me a big grin. 

My baby girl is no longer a baby, she tells you when she wants something and if she doesn’t get it oh she will let you know. I have no idea where she gets her temper from 😉. 

She’s always keen to try out new foods especially if it’s someone else’s, I think chocolate may be her favourite. 

Don’t worry guys she eats fruit and vegetables as well so don’t have a panic attack. Every child needs to taste food even the things that are bad for you. 

Daisy will sit and clap and say yay at absoloutley anything especially when she’s crawling somewhere she’s not meant to be going. She climbs up the sofa to stand up and she stands up at the stair gates to get out of the rooms she’s been locked in. 

I love my little cheeky monkey and how clever she is. I dread to think what it’s going to be like when she’s running everywhere and when she cam answer me back but I look forward to the challenge. 

She will always be my baby though.