In a perfect world everybody would be normal but we are not so why do people judge us? Sometimes if you are out shopping or in a restaurant you’ll see a child or even an adult shout out, have a temper tantrum or a meltdown and the majority of people will stare or just walk away and they will have there judgments like oh that person must be a bad parent or they must be drunk and I totally understand, I’ve done it myself it’s a totally normal reaction but things change drastically when you’ve lived in a house with someone who’s got problems, It opens your eyes and it makes you think why don’t people ever offer a helping hand, instead of staring, give a sympathetic smile like you understand have you ever thought about how much better the mums or dads or siblings or any family member would feel if they just knew you weren’t judging them. 

Then it comes to neighbours, if you live next door to someone who’s got autism/ Aspergers you’ll probably hear shouting and screaming and you’ll hear that person having a meltdown it will probably sound like the worst of the worst is happeneing when it’s just a book being thrown down the stairs or a toy being thrown at the wall and you will probably hear the parents at the end of their tether shouting back trying to In force a good punishment for that child to learn, so no tv for the night or an early night but that person with Aspergers will not accept that punishment because they love that tv that’s all they have. Sometimes you’ll know your neighbours but sometimes you don’t and to live next door to something that’s not normal to that person must be strange but hearing someone have a meltdown every so often must be better then loud music playing every night or smelling drugs. Why not bake a cake for that family or a nice friendly meal or how about not getting involved at all just give a friendly smile if you ever see that person on the street. 

That person with Asperger syndrome doesn’t process things the way normal people do, everything is heightened all of your normal senses are tripled so they will smell things more promently and sounds are much much louder so going into a shopping centre or a cinema would really disturb them. 

The government/ educational services don’t give out there help easily it’s like the saying if you can’t see it you don’t believe it and with autism the spectrum is so wide there is a lot of difference with each child/adult. There is nothing physically wrong you wouldn’t be able to spot it just by looking at them but if you spent some time you would see what was going on and how different they can react. It’s no good taking someone to see gp for them to sit in a room and the dr to just look at the computer to find their answers there needs to be more help and support especially for the parents and family. 

The people that judge and interfere in the wrong ways have no idea how they feel, how they probably get called names on a daily basis when all they are trying to do is make that person happy they buy them gifts and treats on a daily basis to try and make things better to maybe stop the name calling for at least a couple of hours. Maybe one day when you hear or you see you’ll support that parent or family member because it might just make there day instead of making awful accusations and judging them thinking they are an bad parent.  

And one last thing you can’t judge people and the situation if you have no idea what these things are and especially if you have no children.