Daisy may be small but she will definitely voice her opinion if she doesn’t like something or it’s not going her own way. Daisy getting to that 8 month old stage has been the most challenging, she likes to do whatever she wants to do. 

I think I must say no a thousand times a day to stop her grabbing the wires at the tv and to stop her climbing the stair gates. She knows she doing it as well because she smiles and laughs at me and try’s to speed crawl. 

Your food and drink is never your own with Daisy she has to try it even if she doesn’t like it she will still want it and if you don’t let her there will be a very angry Daisy. 

She is absoloutley the best thing though, she has the most contagious laugh and you can’t help but smile. ​

I do wish she would sleep in her cot though 😂😂😂