Sleeping lately hasn’t really gone to plan, the older Daisy has got the worse the sleeping has become. If she’s not near mummy or daddy then she won’t sleep, my baby likes a snuggle and who am I to deny her that. 

I know a lot of people don’t like co sleeping and it doesn’t work for them but it really does work for us it’s the only way we get a bit of sleep, yes she still climbs all over us when she can’t get comfortable but what parent hasn’t had there child sleep on there face and feet digging into your stomach. 

We do want to get daisy into a routine because we would like some time to ourselfs in the evenings but I do think getting a nine month old into a routine is hard, she doesn’t understand what tiredness is she just wants to cuddle mummy and fall asleep. To be honest I don’t blame her for not liking her cot who would want to sleep in a cage basically with nobody warm to snuggle up to. 

I’m sure one day we will crack it and she will like her bed and she will eventually go into her own room but for now I’m happy to have her next to me.